GIven to me by Ronnie Van Zant 1973

Episode 1 – Lynyrd Skynyrd – There are very few moments in anyone’s life that are so depressing as it was the morning of October 21, 1977. Elvis had just died but he was pretty much over the hill. Ronnie and his band had just scratched the surface and were headed for unbelievable greatness and a time of fantastic creativity. Then gone.

For our Season Two theme music, we have chosen a current artist, Audra Brown of Memphis, TN. Growing up in a southern rock influenced home, when she was 6, her favorite song was The Needle and the Spoon by Lynyrd Skynyrd. She eventually became a Drive-By Truckers mega fan, singing on stage with them several times and with Patterson Hood solo. Her CD, The Cody Sessions, was made with Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi All-Stars and rocks, punks, grunges it’s way thru 7 brilliant songs. Support her here:

Episode 2 – Blue Light Specials

Things were changing and the introduction of these huge stores and malls and plazas and what not really affected the small town feel. Heck, our downtown went to Hell.

Episode 3 – Beer Women Clubs

Music was ignited in my soul and fortunately for me, West Tennessee was made up of Beer, women and clubs. Lots of em. And they all went together to create mayhem. As I say, most of those things are illegal today.

Episode 4 – Robert Biesiot “Bob”

When I went to the big city, I had no idea the kind of characters that I would meet. Bob scared me at first because he was so different but what I learned is the old southern lesson, Dont Judge A Book By What’s On The Outside.

Episode 5 – The Roadtrip

Remember, I have said repeatedly that DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME or anywhere for that matter. WE knew that these things were dangerous. We were just too young and too stupid to listen to ourselves.

Episode 6 – Jamie Fry “Big Boy”

The recipe that is so famous is printed above. There is just a bit of finesse in getting your oven the perfect temperature and waiting just long enough before you cut it. Big Boy was such a great man and a man is often measured by how he treats those that he has no reason to treat good and that is how I saw him. Kind. Generous. Always with a smile!

Episode 7 – Oblivious and Jason Isbell

Yep, I was that guy who always was a little behind the rest. I saw things in just a little different perspective that made my friends call me OBLIVIOUS. I guess I wear it with pride. Jason, even though I fired him, has turned out pretty well. I cannot say the same about George Jones though….

Episode 8 – Uncle Gary, The POT King

Gary is not really my Uncle. But he really is one of the nicest guys to ever walk the planet. His story is also one of the wildest and most 70ish stories because it IS the 70’s. He really does own an airstrip now….

Episode 9 – Animal House in Memphis

The events described in this episode really did happen. No names have been changed. And the details are pretty accurate. Now there are more stories to come, like the time we sprayed a group of nuns protesting us with a fire hose. Stuff like that happened. We were too smart, to ignorant and usually too drunk to understand. But that is what makes the stories so great now!

Episode 10 – Black and White and Polk Clark

A bit of a history lesson about race relations in Milan, TN. And a bit of how things looked to little kids living amongst the strife. No telling how the black kids saw it but I bet their perspective was not much different from mine. We were young, innocent and did not know that colors separated us.

Episode 11 – Steve Shewchuk

One of the saddest episodes I have ever had to record. My closest friend ever who died. And I have had a few but I also hurt for what the world lost. Imagine if Einstein had died at the age of 24? Where would we be now? And what did we lost the day we lost Steve?

Episode 12 – James Jim McClendon “Grizzly”

The dictionary should have a word that means intimidating genius. There should be word that means “He who has it all”. But I cannot think of one. Eventually, we will post a link to the song I wrote about him. The first line “You were the smartest man in the world”